Our Story

The Team

Miss Auto ProWhere did all this start?

Place: Matakana, NZ

Reason: Passion

Miss Auto Pro is the product of an enthusiastic and passionate business development geek who fell into the Auto Industry and hasn’t looked back since.

Business Geek to Petrol HeadHow does this happen?

Introducing the “Business Development Geek” as mentioned above. Literally did fall into the industry when  a job turned up at an Auto Workshop in a small town north of Auckland, NZ.   Long story short 18 months into it some P…K burnt the workshop down and everything turned upside down and inside out for a hot minute.  Back on our feet quick enough with some pretty harsh lessons on how to take what worked in one workshop and apply it to the next.

....... Road Trip!What did the road trip include?

As with every road trip ……..huge discoveries.   While at the workshop…  found out I love working in the Auto Industry and had the bug to continue learning more about how to bring about successful outcomes for more workshop owners everywhere. Next step… Continue my learning and involvement in the industry at Repco as a Branch Manager.

Destination?Not about where ... all about what goes on while getting there....

Fast forward two more years and it was now time to put together PRE Auto experiences with CURRENT Auto experiences to make a difference in YOUR Industry – The AUTO Industry.

Miss Auto Pro ..... NowWhat are we ready for?

Miss Auto Pro is ready to work with YOU!

We have developed an advanced and professional auto workshop business development and training service. Our number one priority is assisting you the workshop owner in developing dynamic business plans and more. With a plan you can go further for longer with a lot more success. Give us a call or throw us an email to talk about what you need today.