Which Level is Right for You and Your Business?

Bronze LevelWhat Can I Expect?
  • custom built to look at the basic influences effecting the way business runs
  • hands on approach to teaching pertinent front of house skills to ensure processes run effectively and smoothly
  • a practical approach to implementing tech support where needed.
  • group meetups designed to build a healthy network of conversation to meet the needs of growing business across all areas of NZ
Silver LevelWhat Is Different Here?
  • more time spent on business planning and practical guide on how to apply the plan to your business
  • increased frequency of visits and time spent with front of house staff to ensure processes are implemented in a way that adds momentum to increased areas of the business.
  • technical integration requiring specialist input
  • higher frequency of communication offered over Zoom when needed.
  • increased time spent equalling 1 day a month ensuring further observations that business is responding well to any changes made during training period
Gold LevelTop Level Attention
  • advanced look business planning with off site specialists called in if needed.