COVID 19  has plunged us all into a Formula 1 Race of a lifetime.  It has shown you that it is so important to have a Plan for your Auto Workshop your strategy and business plan needs to be rock solid and  something you 100% believe in.  COVID 19 has shown us that the unexpected can happen at any time so preparation and a familiar plan will support and allow for faster adaption and financial  when times are uncertain.

BUSINESS PLANWhen do I need a plan?


  •  key things are changing in your business  – staffing, clients, location
  • time is not on your side when it comes to deciding on a  business plan or strategy
  • your business is growing
  • others in the business need to know what your key strategies are in order to work more effectively

And there are many more indicators that you can probably think of yourself.

Formula 1 Business PlanningWhat is this?

Formula 1 Business Planning Outline:

  • Imagine your business as your fave race car
  • Organise yourself all the parts you will need for your next race.
  • Build a team with a diverse set of skills to get you to the checkered flag as quickly as possible
  • Recognise where your point of difference is …. something you do behind the scenes that your fellow racers don’t.
  • Evaluating your experience and where it comes in to win!
How do I start?

Grab yourself a beverage and sit for a while and think about how you might ready yourself for the Formula 1 Race a few exciting ideas may come to the surface quite quickly.


  • what type of car you are racing in
  • where and how far you want to race it
  • who you want supporting you in the race
  • the skills you have that will keep you ahead of the competition



Your Vehicle

Choose Your Race Vehicle!
Choosing your vehicle is like choosing the line of business you want to be in.  As they say “do something you love and you wont work a day in your life.” 
Choose the right vehicle and you will enjoy the thrill of the race with total commitment and passion everyday of the week. 

Pit Stop

Pit Crew Roll Call: 
Building your crew for the Pit is as involved as building and training your team for your business.   Having a balanced range of skills within your team will move things along efficiently and quickly both in the Pit at the races or the Pit at the workplace.